An Open Letter from Chairman Wieck

I am writing to encourage and ask you to vote in the Democratic Primary! Early voting at the Courthouse has begun, all precinct voting at the EIU Union, 3/9-3/11, and the final date to vote is March 15th, from 6am to 7pm in your home precinct.

I know , given the status of EIU Funding, and dismay with our present representation, many have been tempted to vote in protest, taking the other primary ballot.

Here’s why that’s bad:

  1. Good Democratic candidates and those that recruit them, LOOK AT THE PRIMARY VOTE to determine whether to run or provide support. Charleston and Coles County DO have progressive voices! Need those voices to vote in the DEMOCRATIC Primary so we can be HEARD!
  2. Election results have shown that protest votes do not affect the final outcome.
  3. For this year, HILLARY or BERNIE!?!

We have immense challenges both State and Nationally to move forward. Locally, our County Party is proposing Independent Resdistricting as a compromise to resolve the State budget deadlock. We believe competitive districts are not bad public policy and give opportunity for moderate voices to be elected.

Certainly, most understand that the “turnaround” agenda, while lowering worker protections and wages to profit businesses, does not add ONE DIME to state revenue and does not reduce ONE CENT of state expenditures. Adopting that agenda doesn’t solve our budget, a totally seperate issue, cynically holding EIU, higher education and social services hostage, while PEOPLE not business, feel REAL PAIN.

This is the fundamental difference. We believe, as Democrats, that government should work to serve human citizens, not to siphon off funds to benefit faceless corporations who take their (and our) money elsewhere.

We Want You

The political landscape in Coles County has been in flux for quite some time. We need your help to build a vibrant and effective Democratic Party here in Coles County.

We often think of politics as being something that happens mostly during election campaigns, but it’s important to maintain an energetic party organization during the off years too.

It’s also crucial to create a community of passionate, committed individuals who can prepare to serve in leadership positions, whether within the party structure, as Democratic candidates for public office, or as office holders.

The Coles County Democratic Central Committee is always recruiting for Precinct Committee members in unrepresented precincts throughout the county and looking for strong candidates for Coles County Board and the other local elected offices.

We need precinct leaders.

If you have ever considered serving your Democratic Party as a Precinct Committee member, now is a great time to get involved. If you have questions or want to know more about what members do, please get in touch by email to or contact one of our officers or current committee members and we’ll be happy to give you more information.

We need strong candidates.

If you have ever considered running for public office, if you have ideas that you believe will help make Coles County government work better for our citizens, then please get in touch and let’s chat about it.

Let’s build together.

If you’re not interested in serving as a committee member or an office holder, we would still like to connect with you, to learn about your concerns, to share ideas and to build a strong local community of those who hold with the Democratic principles of honest leadership, open government, economic progress and accountability to the people.

Here’s how you can get involved.

  • Contact us directly for more information.
  • Watch this site for news, events and other opportunities to participate.
  • Come to one of the meetings of the Coles County Democrat Boosters Club that are held on the 2nd Monday of every month. The date, time and location of those meetings is always posted on the front page of this website.
  • We will also be holding other events in the coming months that will offer an opportunity to get together with like-minded people for fun, fellowship and frank discussion of current events and policies. Watch this site for announcements.

It’s YOUR party.

Unlike some political organizations that select their leaders in hushed conversations in the backroom shadows, we are committed to truly being a party of the people in the best tradition of the Democratic Party – conducting business openly in the light of day.

Our success depends on you – on your involvement.

Contact us now and let’s start building a stronger and more effective Democratic Party in Coles County today.